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Before you continue, please make sure you have installed and initialized Capacitor in Bionic and that Android Studio is installed.

Initialize Capacitor Android

This step is only required once and it will generate the necessary assets under platform/capacitor/android directory.

> bionic platform capacitor android init
🚀  Capacitor Android is ready to go! - try: bionic platform capacitor android open

Build and deploy Capacitor Android

This step prepares Blazor assets for Capacitor Android deployment.

> bionic platform capacitor android build
☕  Building Android Capacitor...
✔ Copying web assets from www to android/app/src/main/assets/public in 42.83ms
✔ Copying native bridge in 6.31ms
✔ Copying capacitor.config.json in 1.55ms
✔ copy in 58.91ms
🚀  Capacitor successfully built. Try: bionic platform capacitor android open

This step opens Android Studio with the project ready to go:

> bionic platform capacitor android open
☕  Opening Android Capacitor project...
[info] Opening Android project at ./platforms/capacitor/android

Run the App in Emulator:

Android Studio Run App

Select Virtual Device. Make sure it has a recent Android API since WebAssembly is only available in recent APIs:

Android Studio Virtual Device

And if everything went well, the app should be loaded in the provided device or emulator.

Android Studio Emulator

Please remember that Capacitor is still in Beta and you may encounter some minor issues.